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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.In the paranormal and supernatural studies, readers will oftentimes come across information on divination. Whether it is an insightful divination from a ghost or some spiritual entity, or through numerous other approaches, the subject matter is fascinating and interesting.

Divination as a topic has resulted in many, many books being published about it, and too many articles to list! It is something that attracts people. 

Why does it attract people? Because people want to know the future, at least some aspect of it as it pertains to them personally.

One approach to divination is geomancy. One could find a closet full of information on geomancy and the art of seeing the future. Let me suggest one website which may prove of interest, and be educational. It is the Collegium Geomanticum. Check it out at 

Whatever approach one takes to divination, it is full of surprises and an educational process. If you want to look into your own future, do it yourself by learning how to do it on a personal basis. 

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