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Before You Cast A Spell: Understanding the Power of MagicBefore You Cast A Spell: Understanding the Power of Magic
By Carl McColman
Publisher: New Page Books (October 2003)
Pages: 190 – Price: $13.99 review

Congratulations to New Page Books for having the courage and insight to publish this fine nonfiction work, for by so doing, they have done a great service to those who wish to understand what casting spells is really all about. This book should be read by those interested in the supernatural, Witchcraft, and the art of casting spells.

Carl McColman is the author of many books, and this is one of his finest. Honest, straight-forward, this book will delight, inform, and entertain.

What this book will do for you is explain the universal laws and principles which form the actual foundation of magical practice. You will understand what magic (also spelled magick by other authors) is, where it comes from, and most importantly, what it can and cannot do.

The author has a keen sense of humor that comes across often, and further stimulates the point he is making. Magic is not easy. Magic without understanding is not fulfilled magic although the spell may function and work properly. In addition to the author’s introductory note, there are seven chapters, a thoughtful conclusion, a section covering hints for further study, a section covering glossary and the index.

Chapter 1 concerns what is done and why and how before you cast a spell followed by chapter 2 which covers the thirteen myths of magic. An example of such a myth: “Myth: Magic is a shortcut to fulfillment. Reality-check: In magic, as in life, you get what you pay for.” The spiritual approach to spell casting should never be overlooked.

Chapter 3 details the thirteen laws of magic. Chapter 4 covers the ethics of Magic. Chapter 4 is an important chapter for those who would cast spells, and it covers consequences. Chapter 5 covers the goddess and god, and what the heart of real magic actually is. Chapters 6 and 7 deal with what is beyond money and love, and what is power and happiness.

Reading this fine book will dispel a lot of false notions and help the readers to find an approach to what they actually are seeking when it comes to spell casting. Highly recommended.

This book would be an ideal gift for a friend, and a perfect nonfiction reference for your local librarian to have placed in the Public Library. The honesty of the author’s approach is memorable, and this book is well worth the time to read, and learn from. Excellent.

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