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Witness: Krissy
Location: Shelton, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: 1996 – 1998

During the two years I lived with my boyfriend in the house he grew up in, I'd hear things. His father had built the house and died in it. The house's cellar had a small apartment on one side, the other side was the basement. At night I would sometimes be woken up by the sound of a door slamming. But none of the doors in that house could make that loud noise by slamming them — I tried many times — and no one else in the house ever hear it.

Then one time — I'll never forget this — I was home alone watching TV in the cellar apartment. I heard someone come in the side door upstairs, walk down the hallway, and run down the cellar stairs. I thought it was my boyfriend, and when nobody came in the apartment I went out to the cellar part to see who it was. I thought he was out there, but the house was still empty. It really freaked me out. I told my boyfriend what happened and he thought I was nuts but I know it happened.

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