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Witness: Lindsey
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date of Encounter: Summer 1993

I was about 13 when my brother went in to the Army and I was given his old bedroom. The size of the room was much bigger than the one I was moving out of so I set aside the uneasy feeling I had about the room from the start. The whole time that I worked at cleaning up the room and moving in, I had the feeling of someone watching me, in the room with me. I was too happy to be moving into the room to let it bother me.

When I went to bed, it was about 1 AM, there was no air conditioning, so I just laid on top of the covers holding a thin sheet like a security blanket. The bed was up against the wall with a window. I laid there on my side facing the window still feeling that strong sense of being watched. I soon began to feel a hand caressing my bare ankle, and moving upward to my thigh. It was a light and cool touch. I was so frightened that I could not move nor speak, the caressing went on for a minute and then I felt as if something had went through me, laying down in my body (not sexually though). The feeling was tingly and cool, and I was left unable to move. My eyes where wide open, my vision got blurry as I felt this sensation reach my head, as it settled there, my vision cleared and I heard a deep manly voice, though I could not understand what was said. I prayed in my head as I was still scared stiff. I prayed for God to protect me and have this thing leave me alone over and over until I finally felt this thing pull "out" of me (It felt as though this thing meant to possess my body). I then felt that cool touch rubbing my shoulder like it was trying to comfort me. This shoulder rubbing seemed to go on for a really long time. I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning I told my parents what happened, and they told me it was a dream. There is no way that this was a dream or my imagination, as I had not even fallen asleep yet when this happened. It was the most terrifying experience I had in that house. But not the only…

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