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Witness: Margaret
Location: Malvern, Iowa
Date of Encounter: December 30, 2009 9:45 PM

Me and my family had just visited my mother's friends house and were arriving at our own house. My house is not the best. It was built in 1910, and the previous owners lost it in forecloser. A year after they left one of the pipes from the bathroom ruptured and flooded the stairway and two of the rooms on the first floor. I entered with my mother and brother, happy to be home, though I couldn't shake the feeling of having someone or something following me throughout the halls.

That night, I slept comfortably in the master bedroom, dreaming of the Christmas past. Suddenly I was pushed off of my bed. I rubbed my head, hurting it in the whole process, and pulled myself back into bed only to be shoved down again and again. I laid motionless on my floor, fearing of what might be lurking in my room. Suddenly I was pulled into my open closet by my wrist. The pain from invisible finger nails piercing into my skin was unbearable. I was practically screaming my lungs out! Inside the closet the light turned on, but not by me, and I was scratched on my legs, arms, but mostly my face. The next morning my mom found a murmuring bundle of bloody flesh she called her daughter.

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