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Ancient Teachings for BeginnersAncient Teachings for Beginners: Learn About Auras, Chakras, Angels & Astral Projection

By Douglas De Long
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications author interview

You have a gift for clarity in your writings. The interest you feel for your subject matter comes across well, and you are a writer fully capable of the sharing process of information with the reading audience. What were your influences and how did you develop your writing style?

As a child I was a prolific reader and always enjoyed writing as well. I read books about Edgar Cayce, UFOs, ghosts, and anything I could on these subjects. One of the biggest influences in my earlier years was Lobsang Rampa who wrote the classic book The Third Eye

After reading numerous books by different authors I was able to develop my own writing style. Paying attention to each author’s unique writing style helped me to create my own style.

What do you hope to achieve with your writings?

My sincere desire is to touch the soul of my readers with my writing. Helping others develop their psychic abilities and explore their spirituality is what I wish to achieve through my written words.

How did your book, Ancient Healing Techniques, come to be?

My second book Ancient Healing Techniques was a compilation of many of the techniques I use in my profession. I wanted to put more of my knowledge into a book form so that others can learn to do similar things in their careers or lives.

Many of the techniques are also part of the ancient techniques used in Egypt in the healing temples and mystery schools that existed thousands of years ago.

How did your book, Ancient Teachings for Beginners, come to be?

For many years students and clients would suggest that I put some of my teachings and knowledge into book form. Eventually, I wrote Ancient Teachings for Beginners and it was published by Llewellyn Publications shortly afterward in 2000.

How is the response at your website? Has it brought many spiritual seekers with questions?

After the release of my first book Ancient Teachings for Beginners I received a great response on our website from all over the world, but mostly in North America. Many people expressed an interest in having my wife Carol and I come to their area to teach classes. Many spiritual seekers have contacted us through the years with varied questions since then. Many of the questions have involved the subjects of reincarnation, angels and spirit guides, and auras. 

The response has been a bit slower recently. However, with a new website and the release of my new book I expect to have a resurgence of interested people visiting our website at

Tell us something about your personal life…  

I was born near Niagara Falls, Canada. As a child I had an enormous interest in the paranormal. When I was young I used to see angels and spirit guides in my bedroom during the night. Back then there was no one around who could explain to me what was happening. It took many years of research, reading, and studies to find out about angels and spirit guides. At age nineteen I had major bowel surgery and nearly died. While in the intensive care unit of the local hospital, I had a near death experience that had a profound effect on me. This event has put me onto my spiritual path which is my grand adventure in life. When my first book, Ancient Teachings for Beginners, was published, it was like a dream come true. This was a major achievement for me. During my near death experience I received a message. I believe I have been paying attention to that message and hope to continue writing and following my chosen path. 

There are many psychics currently predicting the coming of harsh times to the United States by the end of year 2005. Such things as economic and fuel disasters, among items. What is your take on this? 

I disagree with all the naysayers and predictors of dark times to come for the United States. There may be economic problems and other harsh realities to befall the US and the world, however, I strongly believe, and in fact know, that the world is becoming a better place. We on earth are closer to heaven than we realize. More individuals are developing their psychic abilities and embracing spirituality. The future for many of us will be wonderful. There will be more miracles, more sightings of figures such as Mother Mary in the near future. I know that their will be a major resurgence of spirituality throughout the world that will express itself in music, art, and writing. The negative events to happen are only a precursor to more wonderful events.

It has been noted by many contemporary writers that there is a distinct trend in place with a comparison between Canada and the United States. It is, overall there is a trend towards more liberal, positive attitudes toward healing and New Age techniques in Canada today, whereas the United States seems to be backsliding into a new era of superstition and dictatorship. Do you wish to comment on that?

I have lived in both Canada and the United States. I have gone to school in both countries. Most of my siblings are Americans. I strongly believe that there is a trend toward more liberal, positive attitudes toward healing and New Age techniques in Canada today compared to the United States. I tend to believe that the United States seems to be backsliding into a new area of superstition and dictatorship. I sincerely hope that this trend in the US does not continue.

What do you see as the future for healing techniques?

In the very near future more people will be incorporating healing techniques into their modalities. More people will recognize how powerful and real these healing techniques are. The ancient methods used by our ancestors are as important today. Energy healing and similar techniques will become more the norm in our future.

Do you see a more ready audience for the books you write today, then say, thirty years ago? Are more people questioning the current ways of healing and seeking answers in the old ways?

I believe the books I write today have a larger and more ready audience then they would decades ago. The psyche of human beings is expanding. Individuals and groups are raising their consciousness and awareness. Society is recognizing that there is more to life than a nine-to-five existence. People are starting to see and sense auras and energy. The current ways of healing are being questioned because they do not work as well as we would like. The ancient healing techniques, the old ways are becoming the new or modern ways.

What are your feelings on the future?

I wish to see more people becoming medical intuitives and aura readers. As more people open their gifts they will be able to communicate with angels and spirit guides. Essentially, they will become more enlightened. As this happens, more people will be touched by these individuals. This will lead into a more beautiful world. I would like to close with a saying that is attributed to Jesus. “There is a light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world.”

Thank you, it has been a pleasure interviewing you, Doug!

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