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Witness: Andrew
Location: Alexander Noble House, Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin
Date of Encounter: August 23, 2011

My family and I were on a trolley ghost tour in Door County. Wisconsin. One of the stops was at the Alexander Noble house in Fish Creek where we were actually able to walk through the property.

The story is that it is the oldest house in it's original location in the town. The spirits of a woman and a man have been seen in and around the house and are assumed to be Alexander and Elizabeth Noble.

Two specic stories that are relevent to my experience: One, when you stand in front of a mirror you might see something pass behind you. Two: as you pass by the front of the house you might see someone looking through the window from the Noble bedroom upstairs.

During our tour I tried to make sure I was the only one in the room when I took digital stills. Two of the many pictures taken show something in reference to the before mentioned stories. I took a picture in front of a mirror in Noble's bedroom, and if you look closely you can see what appears to be a figure of a woman in a dress from the Noble's era (late 1800's) passing behind me.

The next picture is from the front of the house of the window to the Noble bedroom. Another close look reveals half of a face looking outside with a possible shadowy upper torso.

In truth, I don't really remember the story as to why these spirits are there, but I really do think that these stills are of ghosts. My brother and I tried to think of ways to debunk them but nothing made legitament sense.

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