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Seattle, WASHINGTON — Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (AGHOST) has issued a call for papers in preparation of its 5th annual conference. The Ghost Hunters Getaway Conference hosted by AGHOST is a popular annual event for those interested in paranormal studies. “The conference gets better each year and we are very proud of our part in promoting serious paranormal research,” said an AGHOST spokesperson.

Each year AGHOST presents seminars and workshops on various aspects of paranormal investigation. This year the focus of the conferences is research techniques. Seminars, workshops and activities will be presented over a two day period. Suggested topics for the 2007 conferences are:

  • Original paranormal research techniques and projects
  • Ghost hunting
  • Psychic research
  • Historical research as it relates to paranormal investigations
  • Technology and its uses in paranormal research

This call for papers is being issued to members of AGHOST and other ghost hunting clubs, paranormal enthusiasts, researchers and published authors. Those interested are urged to submit a brief presentation summary of no more than 5 paragraphs to the AGHOST Event Coordinator via Email at The deadline for entries is August 1, 2007 The AGHOST presentation selection team will post the list of selected presentations shortly thereafter.

Presentations must be limited to no more than 50 minutes in length, including question and answer period, and may include slides or other media. Approved speakers will be required to submit a brief personal biography for the event publication.

The 5th Annual Ghost Hunters Getaway will be held in historic Bellingham, WA in early November 2007. Events currently scheduled include seminars, workshops, tours and hands on demonstrations activities. Events and dates are subject to change. Past conferences have promoted paranormal research with seminars such as “Ghost Hunters Toolbox”, “Psychic Protection Techniques”, “Ghost Hunting Basics”, “The History of Mediumship” and “EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomena”. Sheri Davis, the AGHOST event coordinator said, “It is refreshing to belong to a group that is open to all paranormal occurrences and skills. Every year I look forward to the speakers at our yearly conference. It is always refreshing and enlightening to know we are not alone and or the only ones who believe.”

Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma is the most advanced technical paranormal research group in the Pacific Northwest. During paranormal investigations, our team combines hi-tech equipment with qualified psychics, research and training for successful results. We work with the basic investigative tools such as cameras (35 mm and digital), audio and video recording devices, and EMF detectors, as well as the most advanced computerized surveillance equipment including infrared motion sensor cameras. Each member of our investigation team has been thoroughly trained in their areas of responsibility. AGHOST has earned the respect of some of the most important names in the paranormal field. AGHOST can be reached through their website: or by contacting group president via telephone at (253) 203-4383.

For Additional Information Contact:
Sheri Davis, Event Coordinator
Stephanie Davisson

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