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Witness: Kirsty
Location: Lake George, New York
Date of Encounter: January 2012

I was in upstate New York for New Year’s with my brother and parents. It was the first time I had seen my brother since I had moved out three months prior. I had kept in good contact with my parents.

We got to the airport on December 28th and I wasn’t acting like 19-year-old Kirsty. I was acting like five-year-old Kirsty, jumping around with excitement. I had never been to New York. If I had known how scared I would be 24 hours later, I wouldn’t have been so excited!!

The Sagamore Resort looked beautiful. It was just lovely to look at…well, for me. My brother said it looked “ancient” and that he was dreading staying there. We were all staying in separate rooms because my father and brother snore like pigs! I got to my room and had a lovely view of the golf course from my window.

I saw a little boy running across the course, playing. I thought it was odd because there wasn’t anyone with him, and he was wearing quite old looking clothes. Later at dinner, it came up in conversation and the waitress overheard. She said, “Oh yeah, you must have seen the ghost of the golf course,” and laughed. She continued, “Many guests have reported seeing him from their windows but never on the course.”

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Could I have seen a ghost? No, of course not, I thought. The next day, we did lots of shopping and sightseeing. I returned to my room and was shocked to find everything pulled out of drawers. The bed linen had been thrown across the room, and the armchair had been tipped over next to the television.

I ran out, leaving the door open and went straight to reception, asking what had happened. They said that they had not heard any noise upstairs (my room happened to be directly above the reception desk) and that the only person with access to my room was the maid, who told me she had left the room spotless and locked the door. I was freaked out by the whole thing. The maid was kind enough to help me tidy the room again.

I didn’t know what to do with myself after dinner with my family, so I just went to bed. I jolted up in the middle of the night to a knock at my door. I tried to ignore it. I was so tired from the day before, I didn’t want to get out of bed for anything. The knocking became louder and faster, so I got up with a sigh and opened the door, and no one was there. I closed the door. “It must be kids messing around. Probably just knocked on the door and ran away,” I said to myself outloud.

Before I could even get back to the bed, the knocking continued, faster and louder than before. I ran to the door. I was gonna catch those kids this time. The knocking didn’t even stop by the time I was at the door, there was no time for anyone to run but…noo one!

This wasn’t kids. I ran back to my bed, slamming the door. Ten to fifteen minutes later, the knocking returned. “Go away!” I screamed, ducking under the bed covers. The knocking stopped sharply.

The next day, my mother complained of children laughing outside her door. I was only a few doors down from them and heard nothing. We celebrated New Year’s then came home to England. I did some research on the hotel and found it is one of the top ten most haunted hotels in the USA. Some people had reported knocking on their door and LOADS of people had reported seeing the golf course boy. I am now a firm believer in the paranormal and spirit world, that is for sure.

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