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Home Encounters A Warning Sign

Photo by Frank Grace
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Name: Matt Bohn
Location: Bakerstown, Pennsylvania
Date: December 1993
I was in college. My parents had moved to a house built in 1830 the year before. I had just taken a bath in a bathroom that dated from the early 1920’s. I was in my room brushing my hair when a mason jar filled with a drug store set of colored crystals flew off the shelf of the dresser and hit my opened hand. I happened so fast. I remember thinking ” What the heck just happened? ” as I stood with the jar in my hand. I looked at the dresser to see if it was tilting towards me. It didn’t seem to be. I shrugged it off. The next day my mother had an anyeursim in her brain while riding an exercise bike in the bedroom opposite mine. I was the one there who responded to her cry for help as she collapsed on the floor. Long story short, she recovered after brain surgery and lived in the house for the next 16 years. I often wonder if a spirit was trying to warn me about the impending event.

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