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Witness: Laura F.C.
Location: Loveland, Colorado
Date of Encounter: June 2004

Me and my family had not long moved into a apartment in Loveland when this happened. My mom is rather sensitive about the atmosphere of any place and she made clear to me several times that for some reason she didn't like that apartment since the moment she saw it. My brother told us it was built around 1978 and it was rather and old-looking apartment. It was a real hot summer day and I used to keep my window open most of the night and could hear clearly the highway that's close by. I guess it was around 2 in the morning, and I was sleeping facing the wall in my room when all of the sudden I felt as if someone had entered the room and was standing at the foot of the bed — I didn't feel alone anymore. That feeling certainly woke me up. I remember that as I was waking up I was telling someone or something, "Go away," and I was saying that in a harsh manner. I was really sleepy and decided to turn to my right and go right back to sleep — remember that I was now fully awake. When I had turned to my right, I felt as if something was putting pressure all over my body and I couldn't move or do anything at all — I was totally paralyzed. That feeling must have lasted about 10 seconds. When I was finally free, I tossed the blanket and found the room totally empty and I knew I was wide awake when the whole thing happened. Around that same time my mom had a similar thing happened to her and she freaked out more than I did. 

In that apartment, I took one picture of my little niece and the picture has a flying orb in front of it, I thought it must have been some light or that I didn't take the picture well, but when I began to investigate, I found tons of pictures just like the one I had taken. My mom and I are convinced that the apartment where we lived was haunted.

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