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Home Encounters A Graveyard with a Secret

Photo by Frank Grace
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Location: Brookings, South Dakota
Date: April 3, 2019

There is a graveyard located a couple miles or so from my house, and me and my friend made it a habit of going there for a little scare just for fun. Until last night. Awhile ago she thought she saw a figure in the trees then it vanished. She also saw this same figure on the road in front of us, I believe three nights ago. This all happened on the same road. Lane 3. There are four lanes, and it only happened on lane 3. We had been videoing our voices (it was too dark to get anything on an iPhone camera) and it seemed that it only happened literally right after I shut my camera off.

We went back last night to investigate. She first saw it beneath a tree, by a gravestone. However, she wasn’t all that scared. A dark figure moved into the middle of the road then disappeared. A little later she decided to get out. She got out and started asking for a sign. The leaves started rustling in an otherwise still night, and she followed the rustling to a gravestone. She said the name on the stone started with a C and had double consonants. She couldn’t remember the exact name. She also started to feel really light-headed. At this point she decided to run back. We sped out of the graveyard and drove around a bit trying to figure out how to get some more evidence. So we drove back and sat on the same road. She got out and she said to give us a more obvious sign. That’s when I saw it for the first time. A dark figure, and the road somehow became darker for a second, so I yelled and she jumped back in. However, her being the brave one, she continues to ask. She looked directly at a light, and continued to beg for an obvious sign. I had been filming up until now so I decided to shut the camera off. She also threw her phone in the car. All of a sudden, and I saw it too, the light shut off. It didn’t blink. It shut off. I tell you what, we left so fast!

Through all of this, we came to the conclusion that the person/spirit she interacted with was a good one, protecting us from the bad spirit. She promised the good spirit we would never come back, and also promised we would not record or report. That is the only time he showed a sign. She made me delete the videos, also telling me I could never put it out into the world. I still have the videos in my recently deleted file and I 100% intend to investigate. My intentions are to simply ask about the name and the family. We are a smaller town so it won’t be hard at all. It is a very small graveyard and it obviously holds a secret.

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