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Witness: Anna
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date of Encounter: Late October 2008

I wanted to share an incident that happened to me last year in Las Vegas. I had just been reunited with my best friend after about 17 years and we decided to meet up in Vegas for our reunion. We stayed at the Luxor Hotel because we were going to see Criss Angel's new show "Believe." We stayed in the pyramid on the 24th floor. It was on the second day that something weird happened. Even though we had stayed up really late the night before, we got up early, went to eat breakfast, and headed out to explore the strip. We came back around 4 PM and decided to take a nap before going back out. My friend had the bed closest to the bathroom and mine was in the back of the room near the windows. We dozed off for a while and I was awakened by the sound of someone in the bathroom. It sounded like someone kept dropping a coin into the sink over and over. At first I thought maybe a housekeeper had come in, but then wondered how I hadn't heard her come in (since I am a light sleeper) and why the bathroom light wasn't on if she was in there? So naturally I went to investigate. As I got closer, it stopped. Odd. I turned on the light and everything was in its place, so I went back to the bed and it immediately started again. To prove to myself that I was really hearing this, I called out to my friend, "Hey, do you hear that? It's coming from the bathroom." She said, "Yeah, I heard it earlier but didn't wanna say anything." We both got back up and just walked in front of the bathroom to see if we could see anything, but didn't turn the light on. No sound, nothing. So my friend turns on the light and says out loud, "You can do whatever you want just don't do it while we're here and stay in the bathroom!" Then she turned off the light, closed the door, and we left the room. Nothing else happened for the duration of the trip which lasted a week. I thought about asking the hotel staff but thought they might think I'm crazy. I did do some research though and found out that a couple of workers died while building the hotel but they are said to haunt the 10th floor.

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