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Witness: Bradley Truss
Location: Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Date of Encounter: September 25, 2007

At about three AM Tuesday morning, I was leaving my apartment on N. Penn near Quail Springs Mall in Northwest Oklahoma City, and right as I got to the intersection of my complex and Penn Avenue, I ran out of gas. I whipped around the driveway and pulled to a stop at the entrance gate to avoid stalling out in the street. I popped the trunk of my Chevy, retrieved a gas can, and hoofed it the 1/2 mile toward the Conoco station at 122nd Street. I crossed Penn to the undeveloped land to the east of Penn. Having lived in my apartment for two years, I was aware that there is a shanty for the local homeless people tucked a couple of hundred yards off the road next to the creek. In the summer, when the trees are green, it is virtually impossible to see the camp from the road. Walking in the deserted night I kept glancing toward the shanty, just being curious. Stepping out of the grass to cross the creek I spied a girl in her teens (or possibly early twenties), much younger than the panhandlers I see on the street corner every day. She had on jeans and a white shirt under a black hoodie that was almost all of the way unzipped. Her head was bowed down, and her raven hair concealed her face. As if she noticed me, she raised her head, parted her hair, and before her eyes met mine, she dissipated like smoke. Well… being no stranger to the paranormal, it was still a little creepy, so after I filled my gas can, I walked back on the other side of the street.

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