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Witness: Elaine Heath
Location: Duluth, Minnesota
Date of Encounter: Fall of 1967

In my senior year of high school, the Vietnam conflict was still going on, and I had a pen pal who was over there. At lunchtime, I would leave the school and go over to a small church located about a block from the school and sit in there and pray that my pen pal was okay. One day I was leaving the church to go back to school and I noticed a very old [1950's] car across the street. There was a man standing outside of the car and a very young boy playing with the wheel. The boy looked to be about 5-6 years old. As I was walking out, the man beckoned me to come across the street. When I got there, the man said that his son [the man looked too old to have a son that age] wants to know why I went into that church. I smiled and said, "To pray for the end of Vietnam conflict." The man told me some things that were personal, then stated that the conflict would end soon, but another will start. I smiled and walked about 10-20 feet and looked back. There was no car, no one around! I was close enough that I would have heard the engine start, and see the car go away.

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