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Witness: Amber
Location: Lyles, Tennessee
Date of Encounter: September 15, 2002

Well it started out as a joke, my boyfriend and I were going to hide at this house that was supposedly haunted — I thought the stories were just told to scare little kids. My friend dropped us off and almost immediately I started feeling bad, like something was wrong.

We started to walk away from the house toward the creek when I looked back and saw a black image following us from behind about 30 yards back. I barely caught a glimpse when it darted off into the bushes. After reaching the creek I kept seeing a light up at this house — it was like a very big light that was slowly flashing.

I've always been told that spirits can't cross water, but I don't believe that. I was standing along the creek in my boyfriend's arms when I saw something — a dark image standing across the creek in the bushes — it stood about 6'5". I tried not to look because it scared me, but I continued to stare at it — I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of it. As I was watching, I saw something spread apart the bushes and walk toward me through the water, I couldn't see it but I could tell it was moving toward me — it was partially invisible. I saw the footsteps in the water coming at me — I was scared to death, but I couldn't say anything. It stopped in the water half-way to me and stayed there for a few minutes, then it turned around and walked back out of the water and up through the bushes. Finally, my friend showed up with the girls we were suppose to scare, so we started making our way back across the creek. When I looked across the creek the black image was no longer there. When I reached the car and got in I felt safe, but still not secure.

I truly believe in what I saw and I refuse to go there again. I was told that I have a wall of Angels around me and I believe that is the only thing that saved me that night from being harmed.

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