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Tiffany Johnson - Your Psychic Life is Tiffany's monthly column on being psychic.
I get asked all the time about my professional accuracy in readings, others psychic’s accuracy, and what counts as “a hit.” I certainly can appreciate the question. It’s a good one, however, there’s a lot to be said about so-called accuracy.

Unfortunately, accuracy is measured by a prediction in a reading coming “true.” And I’m not going to lie here. I hate that perception. Here’s the thing, folks… oftentimes aspects of our lives that come through in readings are meant to create change. So… if a psychic sees something and, through due diligence, mentions it to you, then you with your free will, make a change, the “truth,” so-to-speak, in the reading doesn’t occur and the accuracy of the reading is off.

However, let me toss this thought in the mix: When contemplating the idea of accuracy and all the psychics out there who pitch that they are 99% accurate (for example), think about this, they are saying that they have followed up with every client on every subject that they have provided psychic information on and found out how it all turned out. And that accuracy is drawn from the client’s own subjectivity to the issue at hand. You and I both know that in our own lives, we are often not terribly objective.

Let me give you an example to illustrate this point: If someone came to me for a reading and asked how they could lose weight, I could “tune in” and pass along the information that I receive. It may be a different type of exercise. Or it could be introducing a new diet. Whatever the reason, I could communicate that to the client and let them know the most beneficial path. However, if that client, knowing what the steps were going to be via the reading, left my office and, say, ate a bag of Snickers bars, they couldn’t question my accuracy as they hadn’t put into play what had come through in the reading.

So, my fellow Ghostvillagers, when looking for a psychic, don’t let the “accuracy” debate get in the way of choosing a good psychic. Like anything else, ask around. You’d ask your neighbors if you were looking for a new dentist. If you wanted a new hairstyle, you may ask your coworkers. Like anything else, a psychic not only should get good referrals but also have them at their fingertips, if requested. Now, I get it that everyone isn’t into psychics, metaphysics, and the paranormal, but here, on Ghostvillage you have a community to talk to and gather info. Use it to your benefit!

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