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Wicca for Beginners by Thea SabinWicca for Beginners
By Thea Sabin
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (April 2006)
Pages: 262 – Price: $12.95 review

In a field overcrowded with Wicca how-to books, along comes Thea Sabin’s fine compact book that summarizes and explains in a most enchanting manner for the readers! Thea Sabin lives in the Pacific Northwest, is a high priestess, and has been a practicing Wiccan for more than twenty years. She is an exceptional teacher, and it comes across successfully in her writings.

Sabin’s approach is direct, honest, and factual. She covers trance, meditation, and pathworking in a clear-cut manner that leaves no puzzlements. She gives a sound perspective on Wiccan ethics and discusses the use of altars, tools, and other magickal items. An important section of this nonfiction book reveals information on how to create personal rituals which are meaningful. There is a section on spell casting and ways of writing personal spells for given situations.

Thea Sabin gets down to brass tacks when it comes to analyzing the pros and cons of practicing solitary, and finding teachers or groups one can trust without fear. She gives a good go at the media and cultural stereotypes of the Witch and what a Witch does.

The book is also about possibilities. Is this positive, peaceful, earth-based religion for you? Read this book and then consider the possibilities. Wicca for Beginners is worth your time and makes for entertaining reading!

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