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Witness: Nick
Location: Brighton, England
Date of Encounter: October 2009

A couple of strange things happend to me in the Brighton Lanes a couple of years ago. They are reputed to be the most haunted part of the city. It is supposed to be filled with many ghosts.

The first experience happened whilst waiting to pay for coffee at a Costa Coffee lounge near the town hall. I was just looking around the shop, and my gaze stopped on one of the light bulbs. After a few seconds, it fell out onto the ground and smashed! The second is a similar experience, which happened not too far from the coffee lounge. As I sat in a chair at a tattoo shop on Little East Street, another light bulb fell out of the socket. This time, it hit my tattoo artist on the back. This is scary as it could have hurt him!

I don’t know if this was some kind of telekinetic power that I didn’t know I had, but it sure was weird. Another thing that I recently discovered is that there is a bar next door called the Northern Lights, which is considered to be the most haunted pub in Brighton, which may also have something to do with it. Maybe all this stuff is spillover from the pub!

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