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Witness: Jeanette
Location: Joplin, Missouri
Date of Encounter: 1952

Throughout my life my dad has told us this story. The story is always the same and he's always swore up and down that it's true. He and his family grew up on a farm out on the west side of Joplin, Missouri. Back then this was out in the country, but is now on the west side of town. He and his twin brother were down in the valley up in their tree house. It was dusk and time to be heading back up to the house. They looked down there in the meadow and saw what appeared to be a newlywed couple walking, their backsides to the boys. The bride was wearing a white wedding gown with a flowing train down the back. The groom was wearing a black suit with a tall, black top hat — Abe Lincoln style. They yelled at the couple, "Hey, what are you people doing on our property?" The couple turned around to face them… with just empty spots where their faces should have been! They had no faces! The kids freaked, scrambled down the ladder, and ran back home. Can you imagine? To this day, it still creep's him out to talk about it.

I know my dad, and it's the truth… Also, he said one evening at the same farm, as a storm approached they were in such a hurry they had forgotten to round up the milk cow and the boys were sent out to go fetch her. Down in the pasture, they walked along the fence to find her. They noticed up along the fence a light. They stopped to watch a small white light, bounce from post to post, just bouncing around on them, like it was having fun playing on the posts.

One summer night, when I was around 17 years old I hadn't fallen asleep yet, it was around 11 PM when I saw a white light like they saw one night outside my bedroom window, playing in the tree limbs. It was about the size of a fifty cent piece. It was up there in the tree just outside my side window, but I guess it was about that size. I was so mesmerized by it, I watched it out the side window for a few minutes, then it floated on to another tree in front of the house. I ran to the other window on the front side of my room to see it. I could still see it from this window, but not as well. I ran to the front door to go out onto the porch, because I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I had to see it with nothing between us. I watched it there in the tree, it was still "dancing," I was really freaking. My mom had noticed I had gotten up and that I had ran into the living room. Worried, she came up behind me there at the front door asking me what was wrong. I whispered, "Nothing," but stood there watching it and then I came back inside. I didn't want us to scare it off. I told her about it once inside. This was no insect, this was a round, white light which I would describe as dancing… it sounds strange, I feel stupid saying this… but I'm going to say it because it's what I felt… to me as I watched it — it seemed as a happy visitor… it's just how I took it, that's all. I wonder, Was this light somehow connected to my dad and would follow him in his life? Could the newlyweds have been evil ghosts while the happy lights are protectors? Does anyone have an explanation for what these weird lights are?

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