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Witness: Annie Lundgren
Location: Bend, Oregon
Date of Encounter: Unknown

My name is Annie, I’m from Bend, Oregon. I’ve always loved ghost stories, and my grandma seemed to be the type of person ghosts would visit. She had all sorts of stories to tell from the time she saw an image of her sister on the stairs when she was really being put to bed by their mother to the time she saw a lumberjack eating peanuts at the bottom of her bed. So, needless to say, I became a firm believer in ghosts and the spirit world.

Then, it happened to me. Only I didn’t actually see the spirit, or whatever it was. I was about 11 years old, taking a nap during the day so I could stay up late at my friend’s house that night. It was bright out, and I couldn’t sleep. I had an old worn pair of sandals next to my bed, the toes facing opposite directions.

Staring up at my ceiling, I heard something next to my bed. It sounded like someone tossing a shoe into my room. I looked over, and one of my shoes was trembling…like it had just been tossed onto the floor. I was kind of surprised…not really knowing what to think. No one was in the house, and I had put those shoes there myself. I continued staring at them, hoping that I was just tired and seeing things, when the other shoe did a complete spin on its heel! Oddly enough, I wasn’t completely terrified, but a little creeped out.

So, I hopped out of bed, jumped over my shoes, and went outside where my step-dad was working. My mom happened to drive up to the house from running errands just as I started telling my story. She was a firm believer in spiritual warfare and phenomena, so we went back into my room and prayed for at least a half an hour for the spirits to leave. Afterwards, my mom told me she saw a small black figure leave my room.

As an afterthought: Ten years later, my mom passed away. The night she died, she was in the living room in an hospital bed in a coma. I was awake in my room, lying in bed thinking about things when I heard my mother, as clear as if she were next to me, say "Honey, I love you." Fifteen minutes later, my step-dad came in to say that she was gone. Meanwhile, my grandmother, who lived a block away, heard "Goodbye mama." My step-dad remarried shortly thereafter. Before the wedding, he and his soon to be wife were sleeping together on the couch in the house where my mom passed away. My step-dad was sleeping, but his wife woke up and saw my mother walking down the hall and into the kitchen, just like she always did before she fell asleep for the night. Now this woman is not a believer of the supernatural…so I don’t think she would make up something like this. My step-dad and my grandmother both saw her spirit shortly after she died.

I’ve never seen my mother’s spirit, and I really don’t feel comfortable about the idea of seeing her. Maybe she hasn’t appeared to me because she knows? Aren’t mothers wonderful.

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