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Witness: Allannah
Location: Oulton Broad, Suffolk, England
Date of Encounter: 2011

I am twelve years old now, so this happened about a year ago.

I was in bed when I saw a figure in the corner of my room. I was really freaked out.

Suddenly, I realised who it was.

It was my aunty who had died only days after my mum's wedding. There is a weird connection between my and my aunty even if we never met. Lots of relatives say that I looked like her. I denied it until that night.

I saw her in my room and it was true — I am the spitting image of her! She didn't talk to me but she was smiling.

I never told anyone about this night except for my best female friend, Stella. I only told her because I knew she would believe me.

Since this experience, I have become interested in spirits and recently started communicating with them. I haven't told my parents because I think that they will say that it is my imagination. I communicate with spirits by the energy through the cards. Sometimes I hear whispers but it is not scary anymore.

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