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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Date of Encounter: April 24, 2007

Hi, I have a quick story I thought I might pass along to you. It happened just yesterday; and if you wouldn't mind, I'd rather exclude my name (so as to not be questioned so far as intent).

I felt really awful yesterday, some days are that way — my opinions wouldn't be very popular so far as bureaucracy — I'd rather not expand on that. Well, anyway, I was working as a custodian cleaning a church.

First of all, I just wanted to say that I really do despise religion — I will just leave it at that. I have my own reasons and my own personal biases and opinions… they are all good enough reasons for me. So far, no one has been able to counter my better opinion.

So here is what happened — I was cleaning out what is called a Baptistery (a tub in which people are submerged/baptized). I stopped briefly for a moment to take a breather. I'd been scrubbing relentlessly at these rust stains. When I looked out of the thick plate (not glass) window in front of me, I looked up top to where the sound guys control the music output on Sundays. I saw something, and at first I thought it was because I was already in such a murky mood/over-tired. I had seen this before, I really didn't care at all — I really didn't — other than staring it down for just a bit.

Well anyway, it looked like the same thing I'd seen before (some type of hovering/dark shadow-type of thing with a definite outline). Instead, I just opted to convince myself it was something, like a sheet, or something draped over a coat rod or something like that.

When I'd finished cleaning out the baptism pool, and walking around the back stair-case, I was now closer to where I could see even better, but now nothing was there. I know for certain that something was there; whether or not it was just something draped over something else, or maybe someone had come in and taken off with whatever it was. But there is always that possibility, and it seemed really kind of ironic to me – to be cleaning out a baptism pool — a place where people are saved – perhaps this was symbolic? As a side-note to that, I have been both baptized and saved.

It could have been anything, but I finally found a job I was okay with, I didn't go in today. One reason is due in part to chronic fatigue. Maybe there is something going on, on a spiritual level. In the Bible it compares Satan to a lion devouring the earth. As said, I'm no longer religious (if ever I was), however I kind of wonder if whether or not there is a darker aspect to life, something un-seen which spiritually has its grip on some people? I thought perhaps "the mark of Cain" might be some type of family curse. I think mental illness is probably just that; however I do not feel mentally ill, nor do I have conversations with myself, so nothing schizoid. So I dunno know, what was it? What did I see? – I don't know!

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