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Witness: Heidi
Location: Anoka, Minnesota
Date of Encounter: 1995, 1996

In 1995, I was in college in Ely, Minnesota, and I was asked to cat sit for a co-worker for a week. I would ride my bike over there during the day and sleep there at night. The third night some weird things started to happen. I checked on the cats and they were both fine. One was sleeping in the basement, and the other was sleeping at the top of the stairs. I went to the bathroom for a drink of water and heard a voice say, "Momma." It sounded like it was in the basement, but it was so crystal clear. I thought it might be one of the cats crying, but they were both still asleep. I went up three steps to the bathroom and then crawled in bed.

I fell asleep and woke up about an hour later to a child crying in the basement. I called out, "Is anyone there?" But no one answered. I checked on the cats and they were both in the living room sleeping on the chair. I turned on the lights in the basement and no one was there. The basement was empty. The only things in there were the washer and dryer. I crawled into bed again very freaked out and decided to try it one more time. It was 2 AM and I hear the voice again, but this time it was very urgent and very upset. I grabbed my things and ran out the door and never came back.

In 1996 I was 8 months pregnant. I was sleeping alone in my room. I was having a hard time sleeping and it was very cold in the room. My door was slightly cracked open and the house was very dark. I was facing the wall and I had a very strong feeling someone was watching me from behind, which was weird since no one was home. I rolled over and locked eyes with a little girl with very long hair standing at the edge of the bed. I was so terrified that I rolled off the bed to the other side and fell on the floor. I looked up and she was gone.

In 2000, my daughter was about three years old and she slept in the bedroom across from mine. She told me all the time that someone was in her room at night but we never saw anything. I placed oils on all the doors and windows and things became better for a little while. Then she said she heard voices at night in her room and something next to her bed that looked like a snake, she said it would slither under things. I had her sleep in my room for awhile, and felt something watching me. It was a large, black wavy thing standing by the door, and it just stayed there and eventually vanished. We moved and we did not have problems again until 2005.

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