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Trigger Point TherapyTrigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain: The Practice of Informed Touch
By Donna Finando and Steven Finando
Publisher: Healing Arts Press/Inner Traditions (August 2005)
Pages: 244 – Price: $19.95

Trigger Point Self-Care Manual For Pain-Free Movement
By Donna Finando
Publisher: Healing Arts Press/Inner Traditions (November 2005)
Pages: 200 – Price: $18.95 review

Inner Traditions is noted for its unusual publications, which include history and the supernatural. Readers of the paranormal will find these two companion works of great interest. Informative, and educational, these books look at the human body in a new light.

These two books are concerned with pain management. The illustrations are superb. What may once upon a time have been considered New Age therapy is revealed in truth as realistic approaches to pain management. These books are revelations, and insightful. 

Information is presented in a logical and orderly manner. These books are user-friendly.

The many details for self-care techniques, self-massage, stretching, and use of wet heat and/or ice are detailed. How to heal muscle problems is what is discussed, and it is done in a careful, concise manner. For personal pain management, this two works are contemporary classics and should be welcome reading by a wide reading audience. Those suffering or confronting myofascial disorders, those interested in muscles and pain relief, and those interested in myology will find these books highly recommended reading.

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