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Witness: Tiffany
Location: Sheffield, Alabama
Date of Encounter: November 20, 2008

Okay… not even five years ago, I would go to sleep in my bedroom and I would see a woman in a white robe with blonde hair sitting in the chair watching me while I slept. Just the other night I slept in a different room in the house with my little eleven-month-old cousin, and for the first time, someone other than me slept in my room. The woman sleeping in my room woke up the next morning complaining and saying that she will never sleep in my room again and neither will her child. I asked her what happened and she said, "Well, I ain't for sure, I am hoping it was only a dream." And I said, "What? Tell me."

She said, "Don't think I am stupid, but your room is haunted."

I said before you go on with your story, tell me what they looked like. Her description matched the woman's description that I saw five years ago. She said the woman was in the room and pushed our love seat against the bedroom door so no one could come in. I asked her, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" And the ghost told her her name (she doesn't remember the name), and that she was protecting the people in this house from the evil man on the front porch. My cousin said, "What evil man? What are you talkin about?" The ghostly figure said, "Don't worry, you will be ok now."

My cousin turned over to her fiancé and said, "Wake up, please!" And he woke up. And he had a devil voice in his tone. My cousin said the woman turned around real fast and my cousin told her fiancé to go back to sleep and he did. About thirty minutes later, she said the woman said, "Okay, you are safe now," and disappeared.

What could this be? Should I believe this? I have never talked to the spirit I have been seeing, I have just ignored it. From time-to-time we hear footsteps upstairs at night, and also someone fiddling round in the house. Could this be paranormal, or us just imagining things?

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