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Witness: Josh Collins
Location: Pittsfield, Illinois
Date of Encounter: June 1992

I cant remember the exact date, it was almost 25 years ago. I do remember it being in the summer, though. I was about the age of 8 years old. My parents had a family friend pass away, and since they didn’t have a sitter for me, I had to go along. I was afraid of dead bodies at the time, understandably since I was a child. I just sat at my seat and waited until my parents decided it was time to leave.

I distinctly remember a brunette woman coming up and talking with me. She was wearing red heels, black tights, a black dress about down to her knees, a red and black suit-looking shirt, and she had on earrings and a necklace. I cannot recall what they were exactly. I don’t know why I can remember this woman so well, or why I can almost perfectly recall her exact outfit, she just stuck out in the crowd.

She asked me what my name was, I told her Josh. She then asked me a few more questions about how I knew the deceased, I told her he was a family friend. She then proceeds to tell me that she is his wife. I thought maybe it was his daughter or another friend of the man’s. She was a lot younger than him. She then tells me that she isn’t upset that he passed. Her exact words were, “I know we will be together again very soon.”

At 8 years old I didn’t know better. I was brought up to be friendly to strangers and I just talked to her. Too many people around for her to try and kidnap me. I do remember everyone looking at me funny, and giving me dirty looks. I didn’t know why they were doing this. We sat there and talked a good 15 minutes or so.

Someone must’ve said something to my parents about me. I remember when my mother told me they were leaving she was griping at me that I should stop talking to myself. I told her I wasn’t talking to myself I was talking to the man’s wife, who had died. She was talking to me. We still kind of mention this today and share a chuckle over it because even she says she remembers saying this:

“Josh, that isn’t funny, that man’s wife died.”

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  1. And, that is why so many people’s abilities are suppressed. As children, we seem to be more open to the spiritual realm. As we are admonished and people laugh at us or tell us to hush about it, we tend to lose some of it, if not all.
    Cool story!

  2. I wish people would be a bit more open. I believe children have the ability to connect with the spiritual world. on the other hand, maybe your parents believed you but were too scared to admit it. i love this story…for some reason, it warms me

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