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Home Encounters The Voice in the Cabin

Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Pam Knicely
Location: Slanesville, West Virginia
Date of Encounter: August 2, 2014

It was 10:00 in the evening and I was alone reading. The only noise being heard was my ceiling fan. I had been reading for approximately two bourse when I realized I was hearing background noise. It sounded like an AM radio with a lot of static and all of a sudden a male voice started talking. I couldn’t understand what he was saying because it sounded muffled but it was getting louder and louder and it sounded like he was trying to tell me something. As soon as I stood up, it stopped. I was terrified. I was in the middle of the woods and all alone. There is absolutely no possibility it was someone outside my home. It was definitely either in the room with me or the room across from me.

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