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Witness: Brian Seelar
Location: Mesquite, Texas
Date of Encounter: May 2006

I have always been intuitive or somewhat psychic and have had my share of experiences, but this event kind of freaked me out.

It was an overcast day on a weekend and I was at home working around the house. I was in the kitchen and as I worked I felt a strange "feeling" in the air in the house — my house is not very old, it was built in 1961. Upon noticing a strange presence around I didn't worry about it much. But, as I walked past the hall, and for some reason looked down the hall (the hall is about 20 feet long and most of the drapes were closed in the rooms) I saw something. I saw a person, and only from the chest down, walk from the front bedroom to the back bedroom. Which made him cross the hall parallel to me and he was about 15-20 feet away. I noticed he had a plaid shirt on and shorts with long tube socks on — I'll never forget seeing that. I immediately knew it was a man and had a feeling he past in the 60s or 70s. He seemed to be in his late teens or early twenties. He seemed harmless and I thought that was the only time I would encounter him.

As time went by I didn't see him at all. But when I would go into the bathroom and the door would be closed and no electronics on at all in the house, I could hear strange things going on outside. It became a regular occurrence that I could hear faint music and what seemed to be conversations going on outside in the hall. It would really baffle me and made me wonder about my sanity, but when I got out of the shower/etc. there would be nothing and not even any noise outside to explain it.

Then one morning as I got ready for work I was in the shower and the bathroom door was closed. I heard voices in the hall of two men whispering and laughing to each other. When I heard this it scared me to death and I actually thought someone had broken in and was waiting for me out in the hall and I can't even explain that level of fear. I quickly got dressed and grabbed whatever blunt object I could find to protect myself. I slowly opened the door and right as I did that I heard right in my face, "Ya man!" and felt him standing right in front of me. The voice was very clear and after walking out into the hall I knew it was the spirit I witnessed before. As I stood in the hall the area had a very dark feeling and the air was cold. I could tell he was standing in the corner watching me although I didn't see him this time. I quickly finished dressing for work and left.

Since then I haven't seen him again and I think he was there looking for someone that might have lived there in the past. I have often wanted to research the house and past residents but haven't. I know it was a rent house for a long time and many families have lived there. I continue to sense things every now and then but most seem harmless.

The only other thing that could be connected was about two times as I went onto the garage I could feel a very dark presence there. I could feel it possibly was a male. There was an overwhelming feeling that I needed to get out of the garage now! I have not felt that presence again which was around the time of the other and I'm not sure if they are the same entity. I have only witnessed that level of darkness twice in my experience and it's so bad it makes can make you nauseous. I hope I never do again. Everything has been basically quiet since then… thank goodness.

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