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Witness: Mayra Gonzalez
Location: Eagle Pass, Texas
Date of Encounter: June 1999

My encounter happened when I was about fifteen years old. On this particular night I happened to be with my older sister who was 21 back then. She was married and had to babysit me because my mom had left to go to Mexico with my brother.

That night I could have gone to sleep whenever I had wanted to, but for some reason I went to bed at eight. Before I went, though, my sister told me if I needed something she would be in what was then my bedroom with my brother-in-law. I fell asleep and about five till midnight I had an urge to go to the bathroom, so I did. And I finished right at 12. When I was about to leave the bathroom I had a feeling that I should look at my brother's room that was in front of the bathroom. So I did and what I saw was very scary.

All my life I have had the ability to see, feel, and talk to the dead. It was pitch black in my brother's room and even though it was like that, I was able to see this tall dark figure that scared me! I was able to see that he was wearing a trench coat and a hat kind of like a cowboy's hat. I got scared and went to my sister's room, but she didn't open when I knocked. I started to kick the door very hard and still I didn't get an answer. It was like whatever was in my brother's room was making my sister and my brother-in-law not to hear me. I didn't know what to do so I went back to the room where I was staying and started to pray, but still felt like it was following me. But then all of a sudden I saw my grandmother (father's mother) who had passed many years before. She told me she knew there was something bad in my house but she was not going to let whatever was there hurt me or anyone else there, and soon I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up like nothing had ever happened. To this day I wonder what that thing was.

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