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Witness: Tanya
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Date of Encounter: October 1995

My husband and I had just gotten married in July of 1995 and we shared a similar background of believing in spirits. My husband had been told years before that he had a female spirit that was attached to him that followed him around. I take it now that she did not appreciate him getting married to me. She did not trust me for some reason. I didn't know about "Anne" — that's what I felt that her name had been — at the time that we got married. Well, we did not have an actual bed in the bedroom and slept on a futon in the living room for three months. When we finally got our bed delivered everything seemed to be okay until we went to bed that first night. As we lay down to go to sleep, I happened to look at the foot of the bed and saw the outline of a woman standing there looking at me. My husband was between me and the door and I literally clawed my way over him to get out of the room. The figure was very clear to me and I could tell that she was wearing a very long, floor length gown and the collar completely covered her throat. Strange thing though, I couldn't see her face or make out any facial features whatsoever, but I knew that she was staring at me. My husband asked me what the problem was and I told him. He couldn't see her but I refused to sleep in the bedroom. I did not like going in the bedroom alone and I refused to sleep in there. 

We have a friend who is a Pagan and she told us what to do to be comfortable sharing our space with her. My husband was in the kitchen one evening cooking dinner and I was folding clothes in the bedroom when a cigarette lighter was thrown over my shoulder from behind me. I asked my husband why he threw the lighter at me and he came out of the kitchen and told me that he hadn't. A few nights later, I was watching television and I had turned to say something to my friend and I saw her standing in the doorway to my bedroom. I was so terrified that I stopped talking. My friend, Debbie asked me what was wrong. I told her about the things that had been happening and she said not to be afraid and just talk to her. So, the next day, I started talking to her, but every time I went in the bedroom, I could tell that she would follow me around the room and was constantly watching me. 

A few months later we found out that I was expecting a baby and I was really frightened for my unborn baby. As the time grew closer for me to have my daughter, I started having strange dreams and we had cleared out our second bedroom in preparation. One night I had a dream that Anne came and stood over me and was looking at me and I could finally see her face. She was a very stern looking woman but she also had a tenderness about her. She walked around the bed, stopped by my husband and touched his head. All of the sudden it was like I was walking behind her and following her for once. She walked out of our bedroom and then instead of turning and heading towards the front door, she turned and walked through the baby's room door. At the time in my dream that she walked through that door, there was a very loud bang that came from what seemed to be the other side of the door. It was so loud that my husband and I both woke up and he grabbed the baseball bat and went into that room and checked it out. I was still in bed and looked at him and said, "Don't worry honey, it was just Anne." He said, "How do you know that? She's been in here with us." I told him about my dream and that I truly felt that she was finally okay with me. After that, we never knew she was even there. 

We have since moved and have had no further encounters with her. However, I do miss her. I feel like for a brief time we knew about her and then she just left us. I just hope that in some way, I managed to help her with whatever caused her to stay.

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