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Witness: Christopher Funk
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Date of Encounter: April 1, 2006

I was lying in bed, reading a book called Varieties of Religious Experiences, which is an analysis of religion and how it influences the psychology of the individual. I’m telling you the about the book because I want to clarify that I was not reading about paranormal experiences or anything preternatural in nature — at least my intention was not to.

I came upon a section in the book where an anonymous professor from Oxford narrated in a letter an experience he had with what he called a dark, foreboding presence hovering over him as he lay in bed. He claimed that it terrified him, an understandable reaction. As I read this, I heard a sound of metal bending and snapping back. It was a loud, vibrating sound. The first thing I thought of was that I had left the front door to my apartment unlocked and a burglar had entered and accidentally hit something, causing the sound. I was cursing myself for letting something like this happen and prepared to burst through my bedroom door and tackle anyone who had entered. Although I didn’t care for the plan, it was better than lying vulnerable in bed, waiting to be murdered.

I sprung from my bedroom into the living room but I didn’t see anyone. Indeed, the front door was locked and appeared to never have been opened. I checked the sliding glass door to the patio, but that was locked, too. After surveying the area, I decided it must have been the water heater or a household appliance. Whatever it was, it didn’t matter as long as it wasn’t a burglar.

I climbed back into bed and began reading my book, again. I had just finished the professor’s narration when I heard the door to my bedroom smash into the door frame. Shocked, I just stared at the door, and as I stared, the door began to smash into the door frame as though someone was trying to break my door in. It did it over and over again, sometimes pausing for several seconds only to begin again with increased intensity. I had always told myself that if I ever encountered anything supernatural, like a ghost or spirit, I would stand my ground and not treat it differently than I would a spider or a bee. What bravado for I pulled the covers over my head and cowered like a baby in his blanky. After fifteen minutes of banging, it stopped. Nevertheless, my heart was thumping painfully against my chest and didn’t stop doing so for hours. That night I didn’t get any sleep.

Other things have happened since then, but not with nearly the same terrifying effect as the night when an unknown force was trying to push in my door. Usually I hear scratching coming from my closet and tapping: one, one two, one two three, one, one two, one two three. These unexplainable occurrences happen almost nightly. Now I lie in bed not wondering but knowing that I am always being watched. And whatever is watching me is waiting. 

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