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The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses edited by Joseph PetersonThe Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses
Edited by Joseph Peterson
Publisher: Ibis Press (February 2008)
Pages: 338 – Price: $55.00 review

This is perhaps one of the most important books to have in your personal home library for reference. This book is about Moses’ magickal art and taken directly from original sources. This is the major key to the magickal texts. The incantations, spells, evocations, invocations, and related workings are precise, and accurate. What this reviewer wants to share with the reader and place great emphasis upon is this: This new book corrects the previously confused and distorted names, talismans, and images for high magick, and restores them to correct usage, and by so doing, gives the reader a clear, concise, and exact magickal approach based on the original form without errors.

The book is priceless to own, and for its price, well-worth any investment in other such current books claiming greater charms and miracles! This is the accurate book, based on the research of re-discovered and corrected Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. Any reader, or modern magickian, or scholar, will discover many, many, many secrets in this book.

For instance, the correct reading of the Psalm 145, Bible, with additional reading alongside Psalm 144 will drive away and remove all ghosts, apparitions, and spirits immediately. Another interesting Psalm for relieving personal fears is Psalm 141. This book covers the innate magick found in Psalms from the Bible, among many other aspects of formulas and spells from numerous other sources.

For those interested in the accurate pronunciations of the names of power to call upon, this book contains them. The seals are reproduced accurately and directions for their careful, and protective use are detailed. The formulas for the use of magick found in the Kabbalah are given and the Clavicula Salomonis Regis Israeli is given. The seals are seen in their true forms, without error. Among these seals are such items as the Twelfth Table of Shemhamforash, and how to call forth and conjure the spirit of Shemhamforash. There is an in-depth section of the use of spirits, the most high words of God, valedictio or dismissal of the spirits, treasure, elevation and spiritual redemption, acharontici spiritus, benefits and correct use of the Semiphoras, the name and spiritual attributes of Jesus, and many more magickal approaches. If you are interested in magic, esoteric history, and medieval studies, this is a classic work to own and have for ready study, reading, and use.

This is a power book and not for the weak of heart. I found in reading this fine, well-researched book, that as a reference text, it is perfect and invaluable.

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