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Witness: Matthew Laws
Location: Pluckley Kent, England
Date of Encounter: 2006

Firstly, I'd like to say I'm quite a scientific thinker, if there's an explanation to be found, I'll find it. This happened a couple of years ago while having a sleep over at someone's house. There were about five of us watching a movie, three of us, including me, were sitting on the sofa (I was sitting at the far right) and two were sitting on the ground in front. For no reason I looked around the back of the sofa to the left, and I saw what I could only say was a shadow. But it wasn't a sort of faint shadow or something you see out of the corner of your eye, it was a clear shadow, which I looked at for a good 10 seconds or so. It looked almost mischievous ducking around and that, so I immediately assumed it was one of the guys in front who'd crept around the back and was playing around. So I looked in front to see who was there, but I could see everyone sitting down watching the movie. I looked back behind the couch and the shadow was gone, before I had a chance to let this sink in, both the girls beside me (who were in front of the shadow) asked me if I'd tickled their necks or something. The shadow itself was actually inside the shadow cast by the sofa and TV, plus, I couldn't describe it as a real shadow, it looked almost like it was a person in poor lighting, hence why I thought it was one of the guys in front. This is probably the most convincing thing I've ever experienced. I remember being really pleased at the time that I had witnessed such an event that I couldn't explain. The house they lived in was an old renovated barn, I'm unsure as to how far it dates back, but I'm sure it must be at least 100 years old. I must also mention that Pluckley is reportedly one of the most haunted villages in England.

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