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Witness: TS
Location: Elgin, Illinois
Date of Encounter: September 2004

I have always felt like I have had some help with life. As far back as I can remember I would get these strange, unexplainable feelings and I would know things that I shouldn't know at my age. I don't know how I know them, but I just do. A lot of times people don't believe in what I say because I am so young, but they see that I am right and they usually change their mind. Well, I have always had a feeling like something was missing from my life. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life and, actually, it's been mostly downs. I have always felt extremely different from my family to the point that I feel adopted. That's the background, here's the story.

I had been working out in 2003 intermittently and kept having this overriding feeling that I should do more, you know, get more focused on it. I began subscribing to a muscle magazine and I kept getting this feeling that I should get a food scale and body weight scale. I always ignored the feelings, but it was like I was being pushed by something, but I never knew what. One day I finally got both and started to make the necessary changes to get bigger. About July of 2004, I was gaining good weight, but I wasn't sure if it was what I should have been doing with my life. I was only 23, not in school or graduating college, just working and living life. Every time I thought about going away from working out, I got this bad feeling that I shouldn't even think about going away from it. Well, I am the type of person that isn't satisfied without an answer all the time and so I will dig on my own and analyze everything I can until I am satisfied. For about a week in September of 2004 I was thinking of doing all sorts of things from going back to school to getting a second job, all the while ignoring the bad vibe I always got. 

Here's the fun part. One night I went to bed, nothing out of the ordinary, but I woke up at about 3:30 AM. This is what I remembered like it just happened:

I remembered being in my kitchen and all the lights were out except for one in the corner. I was standing behind the island in the kitchen and I went to my left and turned the corner and when I turned the corner I was frozen with fear. I couldn't move, I felt the air leave my lungs and I just stared in awe. I was staring at a shadow of a human, but I didn't see any kind of features, just a shadow that wasn't on the wall. I stared for only a few seconds and after that I looked in the direction of a stairway to the basement, but I didn't look down it, I looked above the stairs. After this, I remember I was suddenly outside my Mom's bedroom door (which coincidentally is on the way to my room) and I looked back at the kitchen and the light was out and it was dark again. At this point I woke up. When I immediately woke up, I remember the words, "You'll be okay." It wasn't in any audible voice, it was like the words were planted in my head. I was also very confused and lost, but I knew I was in my room. I looked around and there weren't any weird lights or anything, but I wasn't right. Physically I was fine, but something was missing, spiritually I think, and so I got out of bed and went to my dresser and stood there for a few seconds feeling quite dazed. After that I sat at the end of my bed and zoned out for a few seconds and realized I had to tell someone what I remembered. I went into my Mom's room and told her everything and she told me later I looked like I had seen a ghost. I ended up going back to bed for about 30 minutes and I was close to the time I usually got up at, so I just got up. When I got up, it was nothing unusual until I got back into the kitchen. This is probably at about 5 AM and nobody was home but me and my brother and he was asleep. I was scrambling an egg and I got this intense feeling of anxiety/paranoia and I knew someone was watching me. I knew a little about ghosts and demons and I know they say to ignore them and just keep ignoring them and they'll leave. Well, I tried and tried and finally slammed the bowl down and turned around but there was nothing there. I put the egg in the pan and put my back to the cabinets and was fine then. After I finished breakfast, I was pulling out of the drive and I just happened to look back at the house and now there were lights on. I never leave any lights on, but there was at least one on and so I went back in and turned it off and left. I drove to work in a pretty comatose state. 

I still don't know who it was that came to me, but I have done a lot more digging into the supernatural and now I want them to come back so I know who it was. I am still working out, but nothing positive has come of it. Actually, I have gained 40+ pounds in a little over a year and it's mostly muscle. Remember the background info about my feelings of adoption, well I have had a weird vibe from a guy at the gym, almost to the point where I feel like maybe he is my dad. I don't know why I am still there, but I feel as though I should stay and something will happen there to move me on with my life. Ever since then I sometimes feel a presence when I am alone in the house, especially when I read the stuff here at Ghostvillage or similar stuff. In fact, the other night I was in the kitchen, again, most of the lights were out and the back door was open. Well, it's very dry here now and it was around 9:45 PM and I started to feel a presence coming on me. I didn't react and then I heard the crunching of the grass outside. I got up and went over to the door and looked out, but I didn't see anything. I did still feel a presence, but nothing appeared.

I'll update if something does happen in the gym. Keep your fingers crossed.

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