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Witness: Rhonda
Location: Seneca, Missouri
Date of Encounter: 1940

My Grandma told me about this when she had cancer. She died shortly after. She grew up here in the Joplin, Missouri, area. The subject of the old Spook Light was brought up. She can remember sitting on a wagon and seeing that light as a child. Anyway, she told me about the time of she and my Grandpa were down there on that road in a car. She had to wee and got out behind the back of the car and squatted. She said that orb came over the car hood, then over the roof, over the back of the car to settle down on the ground right behind her and just sat there, like it was letting her know it knew she was there and what she was doing. This was no crystal lights, or gas, or car lights, or lay of the land scientific explanation, this thing was thinking! It also left a burnt spot on the paint of my Uncle's car hood. This was like in the mid 70s. Explain that one… I've known a lot of people who've seen it. I did when I was small. We don't go out there anymore. There's some things in this world we may never understand. I'm telling you, this thing thinks!

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