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Witness: Laura
Location: Yorkshire, England
Date of Encounter: 2000

I had grown up living in the same house from me being approx 18 months old to 15 years. I had always had the tiny "box room" and my older brother had the larger room, with my Mum and Dad in the middle room. When we moved house when I was 15, our new house was a dormer bungalow with one downstairs bedroom and two upstairs bedrooms. My parents said because I had always had the box room, I could have my pick of the upstairs bedrooms (being the youngest they didn't want me downstairs alone) I obviously picked the biggest bedroom which looked out onto a huge farm. My brother had the room next door. We moved in on a Friday in November and me and Mum spent the Saturday putting ornaments, pictures, etc., in place.

A huge part of this story which will unfold, is that my Mum had one brother, his wife, Auntie Dee, couldn't have children but really wanted them, when my mother had my brother, Auntie Dee found it hard to accept, but when Mum had me it made things worse as My Auntie's perfect family would have been a boy and a younger girl. My Auntie was then brutally murdered in another country when I was 18 months old.

As mum put up some really old pictures in our new house of cows standing in a field, I said to her, "Mum, they are awful, don't put them up in the new house." Her reply was, "Auntie Dee bought them, don't say that. What's wrong with them?" Just as she said that both pictures flew across the room going nowhere near the television, but the television turned off and we never got it to work again. Mum kind of brushed the whole thing under the carpet and said it was nothing, but it scared me half to death.

Quite a long time after this, I was in my bed. Because the room was so big I had two single beds with a bedside chest in between with a lamp on it. I was reading a book when it looked like a man with a rain coat was standing in the field staring into my bedroom. It didn't bother me too much as my big brother was next door and my Dad was sleeping right below me. But after an hour or so of reading I decided to get out of bed and check. as I opened my bedroom window to take a proper look, I quickly realized it was a horse facing my way, but at the same time I heard a scream, not from outside, but as if someone was standing right next to me screaming like they were being murdered. I jumped into my bed convinced any second my brother and dad would come to find out what the scream was. I reached for the lamp on the bedside chest, although it was dark, it was nowhere near pitch black, so I could see. Every time my hand got within inches of the lamp, it moved away from me. I was in total panic at this point, wondering where my brother and dad were (why hadn't they come to find out what the scream was!?). The walls were paper thin in our house then and you could hear everything so why didn't they come? I was so scared I couldn't shout for them or even go find them. I just laid in bed hoping they would come. Then as if someone was standing at the foot of the bed, my covers were being pulled. I had to pull them up as hard as I could to keep myself covered. I had to use both hands, so I gave up trying to get to the lamp. The main light switch was at the other side of the bedroom and nothing would have got me out of the bed.

Eventually the covers were still and I went to sleep. I told my parents and brother what happened, they said they never heard anything at all and I must have been dreaming, but I hadn't even gone to sleep yet that night. After that I slept on the sofa for about two months and never went in that room alone until eventually Dad swapped mine and my brother's rooms over.

Then, years later when I was about 22, I went to see a clairvoyant and as soon as I got there, she said, "You want answers, someone has done something to you and you want to know why and who." I immediately knew she was talking about that night. Later the clairvoyant said, "There is a lady here called Dee, she is laughing and saying, 'I pulled the covers and I moved the lamp, but I won't bother you anymore, I can't anyway.' Does this make sense to you?" I said yes. I was then told that my grandparents who died when I was 21 were both very strong spirits, and because I was so afraid of spirits my grandparents wouldn't ever let a spirit get through to me. I believe this is what Dee meant when she said, "I won't bother you anymore, I can't."

I am now 25, I sleep with the lamp and light on every night and until very recently when I moved out of home, slept with my giant poodle that dad bought me to try persuade me to sleep in the dark (it didn't work). I now live with my partner so I have to sleep in the dark, but he knows if he even gets up to use the bathroom in the night he must switch lamp on. If I woke up alone in the dark I would be so so so frightened.

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