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The Science of The Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition by Laird Scranton, foreword by John Anthony WestThe Science of The Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition
By Laird Scranton
Publisher: Inner Traditions (October 2006)
Pages: 208 Price: $16.95 review

For a book about African ancient mysteries, readers of the paranormal and supernatural will find this an unusual book. The Dogon peopke of Mali, West Africa are internationally famous for their unique, advanced cosmology and art. A look and comparison for interpretations with many items, including Jehovah and Satan, and Egyptian symbols are offered for reader examination.

There are fourteen chapters in the book. The prose is concise, and explanatory. There are some illustrations in the book.

Many fascinating topics are discussed. Themes of the ancient creations stories are covered such as the Dogon creation story with symbols and meanings. Other topics of interest include Dogon parallels to the big bang, atomic and quantum structure, string theory, Egyptian mythology, genetics and sexual reproduction, and archaeology of Dogon symbols. Judaism and Dogon symbols are also examined and compared.

The Dogon concept of Light reveals some interesting aspects. Global signs of the serpent religion and fall of the serpent religion are covered in-depth for the reader.

The bibliography and notes provide additional material of interest. A nicely arranged index makes for ease of topic search and location.

Enjoyable reading, and a hands-on educational approach make this book very enjoyable. Readers will find the conclusions about the Dogon way exciting reading.

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