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Witness: Sonja Ingram
Location: Virginia
Date of Encounter: 1977

I grew up in a house in Virginia that is not very old (about 50 years). One night my brother was staying with my grandmother and a friend and I, for some reason, slept in his room. I woke up during the night and realized that I had completely turned around in the bed. I knew this because there is one window in the room and the bed is situated in a corner with the window at the foot of the bed. Instead of my feet being at the window, my head was at the window. I felt the curtains to be sure of this. I must have started to wake up more because I began to realize that the bed covers were not messed up at all, they were perfectly arranged around me. I remember thinking that this was very strange because if I had turned around in the bed the covers would have been very tangled. At the head of the bed was a headboard with several slender posts that you could turn, and they made a squeaking noise. I remember feeling behind my head and turning one of the posts. I realized that I had not turned around in the bed at all but that the bed must have turned around. There was no other explanation because the window was clearly beside my head and the headboard was behind my head. I did not become frightened and went back to sleep. In the morning the bed was in its correct position and the bed covers were not messed up. I didn't think about this for many years until I was with my brother and some friends and we were talking about "ghost" stories. He began to tell the exact event I had encountered with the bed. Evidently the bed had turned around many times with him. My mother was previously married to a man who was killed in a car accident. They built the house that I grew up in and I often wonder if his spiritual energy remains. Perhaps the rotating bed was a byproduct of his energy?

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