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Witness: Meghan F.
Location: Langley in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Encounter: October 23, 2001

My name is Meghan and I can remember a few years ago, in about 2001, I was playing around with a Ouija board. I had been told that the Ouija was bad, and not to mess around with it, but it seemed that at a friend's birthday, we had nothing better to do and wanted to get scared. We started messing around with the Ouija and decided to go around in the circle and everyone got to ask a question. We asked one-by-one and no one really got much of an answer out of the Ouija. It was then my turn.

I asked it if anyone I knew or was close to was going to get really hurt anytime soon, or close to death. I told it to give me an H if someone was going to get hurt or a C, then T, then D, if someone was going to come close to death. It said yes, CTD (close to death) and I continued to ask who, and for it to give me the initials of those who were going to come close to death. It proceeded to give me the initials PF and AS. I racked my brain to think of who I knew with these initials.

My mother and her work partner were out of town on business, her initials PF and his AS. I knew right away, and it hit me very hard. I couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the night. The next week we got a call from a hospital in the states, saying my mother had been in a very bad car accident and was very close to death. If she hadn't been wearing a seat belt she would have died. Something must have been watching over her as she was spared. From that night on, I have believed in ghosts.

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