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Ouija by Frank Grace
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Witness: Betty Hill
Location: Acworth, Georgia
Date of Encounter: 2013

This isn’t exactly a ghost encounter, it is a Ouija Board encounter. I was just fooling around on a Ouija board when suddenly it said my name is “Teach.” I asked, “Are you Blackbeard?” and it said yes. Then he asked me to read him something from the Bible, and said if I would do it he said he would tell me where his treasure was. I told him I would read it, but I didn’t want his treasure, as I was afraid that would be inviting him to hang around. What he wanted me to read was Ezekiel 27. I’m sure you think I pulled this out of my subconscious. You’ll understand when you read it what I mean. The only thing I ever read about the Bible were the basic Bible stories. I didn’t even know there was an Ezekiel 27.

Ezekiel 27 New International Version (NIV)

A Lament Over Tyre

27 The word of the Lord came to me: 2 “Son of man, take up a lament concerning Tyre. 3 Say to Tyre, situated at the gateway to the sea, merchant of peoples on many coasts, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says:

“‘You say, Tyre,
“I am perfect in beauty.”

Your domain was on the high seas;
your builders brought your beauty to perfection.

They made all your timbers
of juniper from Senir[a];
they took a cedar from Lebanon
to make a mast for you.

Of oaks from Bashan
they made your oars;
of cypress wood[b] from the coasts of Cyprus
they made your deck, adorned with ivory.

Fine embroidered linen from Egypt was your sail
and served as your banner;
your awnings were of blue and purple
from the coasts of Elishah.

Men of Sidon and Arvad were your oarsmen;
your skilled men, Tyre, were aboard as your sailors.

Veteran craftsmen of Byblos were on board
as shipwrights to caulk your seams.
All the ships of the sea and their sailors
came alongside to trade for your wares.

“‘Men of Persia, Lydia and Put
served as soldiers in your army.
They hung their shields and helmets on your walls,
bringing you splendor.

Men of Arvad and Helek
guarded your walls on every side;
men of Gammad
were in your towers.
They hung their shields around your walls;
they brought your beauty to perfection.

12 “‘Tarshish did business with you because of your great wealth of goods; they exchanged silver, iron, tin and lead for your merchandise.

13 “‘Greece, Tubal and Meshek did business with you; they traded human beings and articles of bronze for your wares.

14 “‘Men of Beth Togarmah exchanged chariot horses, cavalry horses and mules for your merchandise.

15 “‘The men of Rhodes[c] traded with you, and many coastlands were your customers; they paid you with ivory tusks and ebony.

16 “‘Aram[d] did business with you because of your many products; they exchanged turquoise, purple fabric, embroidered work, fine linen, coral and rubies for your merchandise.

17 “‘Judah and Israel traded with you; they exchanged wheat from Minnith and confections,[e] honey, olive oil and balm for your wares.

18 “‘Damascus did business with you because of your many products and great wealth of goods. They offered wine from Helbon, wool from Zahar 19 and casks of wine from Izal in exchange for your wares: wrought iron, cassia and calamus.

20 “‘Dedan traded in saddle blankets with you.

21 “‘Arabia and all the princes of Kedar were your customers; they did business with you in lambs, rams and goats.

22 “‘The merchants of Sheba and Raamah traded with you; for your merchandise they exchanged the finest of all kinds of spices and precious stones, and gold.

23 “‘Harran, Kanneh and Eden and merchants of Sheba, Ashur and Kilmad traded with you. 24 In your marketplace they traded with you beautiful garments, blue fabric, embroidered work and multicolored rugs with cords twisted and tightly knotted.

“‘The ships of Tarshish serve
as carriers for your wares.
You are filled with heavy cargo
as you sail the sea.

Your oarsmen take you
out to the high seas.
But the east wind will break you to pieces
far out at sea.

Your wealth, merchandise and wares,
your mariners, sailors and shipwrights,
your merchants and all your soldiers,
and everyone else on board
will sink into the heart of the sea
on the day of your shipwreck.

The shorelands will quake
when your sailors cry out.

All who handle the oars
will abandon their ships;
the mariners and all the sailors
will stand on the shore.

They will raise their voice
and cry bitterly over you;
they will sprinkle dust on their heads
and roll in ashes.

They will shave their heads because of you
and will put on sackcloth.
They will weep over you with anguish of soul
and with bitter mourning.

As they wail and mourn over you,
they will take up a lament concerning you:
“Who was ever silenced like Tyre,
surrounded by the sea?”

When your merchandise went out on the seas,
you satisfied many nations;
with your great wealth and your wares
you enriched the kings of the earth.

Now you are shattered by the sea
in the depths of the waters;
your wares and all your company
have gone down with you.

All who live in the coastlands
are appalled at you;
their kings shudder with horror
and their faces are distorted with fear.

The merchants among the nations scoff at you;
you have come to a horrible end
and will be no more.’”

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  1. Hi. The verses from Ezekiel are about a sea-faring trading nation of antiquity. they can be applied to modern places, peoples and practices in the sense that Bible verses are often about past, present and future events, happening in recurring patterns. These verses can loosely be seen to reference the trade of pirates in any age. Also the legal trade between any and all seafaring entities, private and political. So it is interesting that Teach led you to these verses, he having been a known pirate. But remember, in using a OIUJA board you are opening yourself to communication from a demonic source, a fallen angel, if you will, also a Biblical teaching. Jesus warned us that demons exist and they aim to mislead and deceive us. This can put you in danger as to the fate of your eternal spiritual existence by turning you away from God, the source of all life and all good. It is very likely that this was a demonic entity contacting you. Demons are capable of lying to us and all the knowledge of human history is open to them. They even know all about you, your friends, family and ancestry. They’ve been around forever. They know about Teach and everyone else who has lived. If you would read the Bible, you will find that the Bible warns against using any form of contact with the spiritual world except prayer to the creator Himself. He is a spirit too. and the most powerful. why don’t you ask Him for truth and study the book he gave us? You would be wise to throw away the board and never try to contact the dead or spirits again. Even one such use can open a door that you may find very difficult to close. And you do not really want to invite one of these unclean things into your life. If you find that a demonic spirit is in your life, the best thing to do is turn to God and Christ , asking Him to banish this spirit and deliver you from any further contact with it. God will answer any prayer, from anyone, especially a sinful person who is in need of Him. But if you ask for something destructive or that will lead you away from God, like a million dollars, the answer will be “No”.

  2. This was years ago and I haven’t been bothered. I did refuse his offer of the location of his treasure. Maybe it really was him and reading this for him gave him peace. According to Jesus everyone is entitled to forgiveness.

  3. You should only worship and pray to God, Jesus and when you do this daily expect that your prayers will be heard and answered. You can believe and know that God and Jesus are real and that is why when you pray it should be with respect, reverence and not selfish. Pray for others. Mankind is sinful and in need of your prayers always.

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