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The Mystic ChristThe Mystic Christ
By Ethan Walker
Publisher: Devi Press (July 2003)
Pages: 267 – Price: $14.95 author interview

Ethan Walker is the interview guest. A gifted writer, he writes highly articulate views on various topics. Let me start this Review by asking: Who is Ethan Walker? Define yourself, please!

From a point of view of personal practice, I would like to say I am trying to end the habit of defining myself. However we all know talk is cheap and I fall far short of this. However, that is my goal even though my habitual personal definitions continue to ramble on. Nonetheless, I hope I am not adding any new definitions while chipping away at the old ones.

Given the growing awareness and interest in the United States for paranormal, clairvoyant, and supernatural topics, how do you see this and what do you feel has sparked the interest?

In our hearts, in the depths of our being, we recognize these things to be true. The rational mind can discount the paranormal (or whatever it wants for that matter) but there is a part of us that “feels” these events are true. Actually there is emerging scientific support for the paranormal in quantum physics. Bell’s theorem for example. Bell’s theorem states that there is no such thing as distinct and separate objects. Of course, this contradicts the testimony of the five senses. In the terms of quantum physicists they say that objects have no “local existence.” Every object is affecting every other object simultaneously. A butterfly flapping its wings on Jupiter affects us even though the effect is very small. It should be noted that Bell’s theorem is not conjecture and it has been scientifically demonstrated in the laboratory.

How can it be that everything is affecting everything else simultaneously? At the very core of our beings there is a singular reality — the substratum of all existence. This is pure, formless awareness referred to by various names such as the I AM or the Atman or Buddha Nature. At that point we are all one. The “I” that is in me is the same “I” that is in you. Nothing can exist without this primal awareness. It is through this core of being that clairvoyant and paranormal events occur. It is through this deep interconnection that we can realize the thoughts of others or see events in the future. In the same way, other planes of existence and communication with subtle beings are opened to sensitive people through this inner route. This connection does not leap out through space. Rather it goes within to the core of being and out through another portal — another person, place or event in time. Think of a wagon wheel with the I AM, the singular primal awareness, at the hub. Our individualized consciousnesses are all points out at the ends of the spokes. This connection back through the hub and out again is instantaneous and beyond the limitations of space and time. The best book I have read on quantum physics and the paranormal is The Field by Lynne McTaggart. This book documents the profound and provocative research that has been done and is ongoing in prestigious academic settings such as the Princeton University Global Consciousness Project

Bell’s theorem also gives insight as to how methods of divination such as astrology operate. Bell’s theorem allows us to see that the universe is not a lot of separate objects but a big bowl of gelatin that is in movement. Poke it on one side and it jiggles on the other. In an attempt to debunk astrology, so-called rationalists point out that the gravity of Jupiter is much too small to affect us in any meaningful way. But this is the wrong way of seeing it. We should see it through the understanding of Bell’s theorem. It is not that Jupiter per say is causing the predicted effect but rather that Jupiter is a marker in this large moving bowl of thick soup. Think of pouring thick white paint into a pie plate. Drop some small colored objects like sequins onto the surface of the paint and then drag a stirring stick around in a circle in the paint. The sequins move along with the paint. The sequins are markers indicating a larger more comprehensive movement. The same concept applies to the appearance of omens or any other means of divination such as the I Ching or Tarot. This makes sense when we understand that everything is interconnected.

What do you see as the popularity basis for such television shows as The Ghost Whisperer and Medium with American audiences?

Most people live lives of quiet desperation. We struggle to find meaning in our lives. We go to work every day, produce, reproduce and consume and at some point we find ourselves asking, “Is this all there is?” We are feeling there must be something more. Something beyond the shallow utopia offered by the ads on TV. So we are eager to know that there is, in fact, something else.

What are your thoughts on ghosts, the afterlife, and contact from beyond?

I believe in all of the above. There are numerous planes of existence to which we may ago upon death of the body. Our destination is determined by our mental and emotional disposition at the time of death. A querulous vengeful person will go to a realm inhabited by other querulous vengeful persons. A loving kind person will go to a realm reflecting that. A person who is excessively attached to the body will be inclined to remain in what the Buddhists call the Realm of Hungry Ghosts. These ghosts will be hungry but unable to eat and thirsty but unable to drink.

Have you had spirit contact? 

Yes. The universe is full of subtle beings and in every conceivable form. But the most fascinating thing for me is all around us here and now. It is existence itself. Why not nothing? Yet there is something. Awareness is the most common element – the most predominant and pervasive – yet we fail to consider it even for a moment. Out of pure formless awareness emerges Love as the primal cosmological phenomena. Love is infinitely emerging. I am positively astounded by this. I find this to be absolutely mind-blowing. 

What is your connection with Vedanta? 

I have been a student of Vedanta and other spiritual classics for forty years.

What is your connection with Sri Ramakrishna and the Vedanta Society? 

I have been diving into the bliss of Sri Ramakrishna for many years and I have a very deep love for him. I have read most accounts of his life including the Gospel of Ramakrishna and continue to read them periodically. I have been a student of Mata Amritanandamayi also simply known as “Amma” since 1988. Prior to that, for about 10 years, I had been studying and practicing the path of non-duality or advaita and studying the teachings of Ramana Maharshi. Amma advised me that advaita without devotion is like eating stones and she suggested I pursue the path of bhakti or devotion which I have been doing since first meeting her. In her presence I have had many profound experiences which is the way she directs me and teaches me the next step. Many feel that Amma is the reincarnation of Ramakrishna because their practice or path to enlightenment was so very similar. But she has never said this nor do I believe she would ever attach any importance to such similarities. All of the swamis that live at Amma’s ashram are initiated into the Ramakrishna order of monks. In the temple at the ashram, she instructed that a statue of Mother Kali be installed at one end and in the exact likeness of the Kali statue that Ramakrishna worshipped. That is the only statue of any Hindu God or Goddess in the temple. She further instructed that it be made by the same family that had produced the original in the 1800’s. Amma is also known as the hugging saint because she has hugged and blessed to date over 20 million people and continues to sit for very long sessions hugging all who come. Often in India she will hug 20 thousand people in a single day. She will often sit for 10 or 20 hours at a stretch hugging all comers with no break even for the bathroom. She is also renowned for her extraordinary charitable activities. She was awarded the Gandhi-King award in 2002. Named for Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., this award is given each year to an international figure who has contributed the most to non-violence in the world. She was named the humanitarian of the century by the Rotarian organization of India. The president of India donated 10 months of his salary to Amma’s charities. In the last international conference of religions in Madrid, Spain (a UN sponsored event) Amma was asked to give the keynote address on the last evening of the conference. So I have a deep love for Ramakrishna and I can’t refrain from talking about Amma in the same breath. Amma is the very incarnation of love and compassion. She has helped me so much. Each year since 1987 she has come to the US visiting a number of cities where she continues her hugging. You can read more about her and her river of compassion and love at and

How would you explain and share your book The Mystic Christ with others?

The Mystic Christ is an attempt to free Jesus from the narrow dogmatic constraints of orthodoxy and show that he is with those of us who are mystics and seers and students of occult and eastern philosophies. The book contains many quotes from Buddha, Krishna, the Tao Te Ching, Gnostic scriptures, the Jewish Kabbalah and other classics of spiritual wisdom. But most significantly there are over 230 scriptures from the Bible that are explored in the light of the mystical way. 

What is your perspective on the future of humankind? Would you like to share some personal predictions on what you see coming?

Amma correctly predicted in 2004 that 2005 would be a bad year for humanity. On repeated occasions she has instructed us to pray for peace and for Nature and for the subtle beings. In early October of this year, while on her hugging tour in Germany, she said that Nature was still very angry and that we should, “pray with melting hearts.” She sees more dark clouds on the horizon. 

What do you see as your special role as a writer?

I like to think I am making some positive contribution of love and peace in the world and that this is an expression of my love for the Divine Mother. 

What are your future writing plans and projects?

In addition to The Mystic Christ, I have also published two other books. Finding God’s Love is a how-to book for practicing love and devotion as a spiritual path. Soft Moon Shining is an illustrated collection of devotional poetry offered to God in the feminine form as the Divine Mother. I am currently working on a CD of original songs in my home recording studio. The title for the CD will most likely be Victory to the Mother. The books can be reviewed at and can be purchased there, at Amazon, or ordered from any book store.

Ethan, it has been a pleasure visiting with you. Is there anything else you wish to share in closing with the audience?

Yes, we are all brothers and sisters and I love you all.

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