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Witness: Sage
Location: Bay City, Michigan
Date of Encounter: January 2006

I awoke in my bed one Saturday morning in January at about 7:30 AM to a hand over my mouth and what felt like the weight of a man holding me down. I couldn't move. My heart was racing and I couldn't shake the weight. After the shock wore off I sat up to look around, heart still racing, but no one was there. I had the feeling of a man trying to rape me.

I've lived in that house for five years and always heard noises like a pop can dropping in the kitchen or footsteps in the attic. Of course, upon inspection, nothing was ever there. The presence never really scared me until that morning. 

About a month after this happened I was laying on the couch while my daughter was asleep in my bed. I was thinking to myself that the "ghost" must be leaving me alone because I haven't felt "him" lately although the noises were still happening. I must have dozed off for only a minute when awoke abruptly to my four year-old daughter screaming "Mama! Mama!" I jumped up off the couch and ran into the bedroom. I couldn't see her. I panicked. She was backed up into the corner of the room in complete darkness. I went up to her and she started screaming, "That man! That man!" while pointing to the bedroom door. It took a couple of minutes but I settled her down and put her back to bed. I went back to the couch, still in a panic. I sat there for about five minutes until it had dawned on me that I was just thinking of the ghost a minute before she started screaming.

There was one more incident about two weeks after when my daughter sat up in her bed pointing to her bedroom door saying, "He's right there, he's right there." 

I moved in June to an apartment complex thinking that everything would stop. Well, I haven't felt the weight of a man on me but I have since seen an 80s looking man in my kitchen and a different man standing in my living room. 

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