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Home Encounters The Man in the Window

Photo by Frank Grace
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Name: Jayden Hartsock
Location: Oelwein, Iowa
Date: May 15, 2007

When I was a little boy we lived in this tiny two-story house in Oelwein, Iowa. It was just your normal house door, windows, foundation, but there was always a man that would be standing in front of the window in the kitchen. He would just stare at me, he was such a dark figure that you couldn’t see his face. He wore like a cowboy hat, he had the boots to match, but his shirt and pants were very elegant, almost like an older suit outfit. The only place he would ever be was in the kitchen. He wasn’t a harmful man. He had mysterious energy, almost inviting. I would be the only one that would see him (besides our dog Jake). His hair would be standing up, and he would just bark and bark at the man. It was two years later that I saw him only the one last time. He walked through our front door, and I never seen him again.

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