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Witness: Cameron Shepherd
Location: Castleford West Yorkshire, England
Date of Encounter: 1991 – present

The story starts back in 1991. My friend and I walked into my mother's house to get something from my room. I walked into the kitchen to speak to my mum. She turned around, looked at me, grabbed my forearm, and just said, "I've seen him." I asked who she mean't, but she just said the same thing. I shook her hand off and asked what she was talking about. She told me she was sorting socks as to match when she felt someone was standing behind her. Upon turning, she saw a man standing about 7 feet tall, wearing a long black coat, and a wide brimmed hat, his head was down, so no face description. He raised her hand and stroked her face. She says his hand was icy cold, and then he disappeared from the feet up. My friend went drip white. I calmed her down and we talked at length about this "ghost" and she said he wasn't scary, just that he surprised her.

Skipping forward 17 years to just a few weeks ago, I asked my mum about this "ghost," and she just looked at me and said in a voice I've not heard her use before, "His name is Daniel." I looked at her and just said, "Where the hell did that come from?"

She replied that she didn't know, and that she's seen him often. She said he's always stood watching her, and now she's seen his face. I asked what he looked like. She said he's probably my age (I'm 35), light brown, wavy hair past his shoulders, and strong very handsome features with green eyes. She seems very comfortable with her ghostly friend paying visits to her, and I've even taken to talking to him in the hopes he pays me a visit. If he does, I'll let you know.

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