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Name: Phil Tabakaru
Location: Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Date: September 1999

My wife does amateur genealogy research, and I would do what we call “Cemetery Crawling.” One particular drizzly day in September of 1999, we were looking for her passed family members in the old part of Chelmsford Church Cemetery. (Perhaps it was North Chelmsford.) I have had other run-ins with spirits, but I have never actually seen a spirit. On this day, I was about 300 feet away from my wife, reading tomb stones looking for certain names when I heard a little girl giggle close by. I remember thinking it was odd for a little girl to be in the cemetery playing on a dreary drizzly day. About 30 feet in front of me was a girl around 6-8 years old skipping and frolicking around. She was dressed in a white dress with a red apron, red hat, and wore red shoes as if she were going to an Easter or spring parade. She looked at me and giggled, then hid behind some tomb stones. She then ran to the back of the old church where there was an old wooden door and entered the church.

I really didn’t think too much about it, just that it seem a little weird, not another person was in the cemetery other than my wife. My wife came up to me and asked if I saw the little girl. I said, “Yeah, what about it?” She said that she was a ghost… I didn’t believe her, until she pointed out that even though it was raining the girl was not wet, and she had a glow around her as if she were in sunlight and we were in rain. Also, she told me to look at the door to the church. I did, and it was padlocked from the outside and obviously hasn’t been opened in a very long time. This was my first visual encounter with an intelligent entity as “The little Girl” was most certainly playing hide and seek with me — a game I could never win. We never found out who she was, nor have we ever seen her again. I look every time I drive past the church and the cemetery.

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