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Witness: Tray
Location: Orlando, Florida
Date of Encounter: December 24, 2005

I came to this Web site in hopes to find any information on the little ghost girl that I saw at Disney World. I guess I am the first with this story.

My husband, son, and I were leaving the Animal Kingdom on one of the tour buses that takes you back to the hotels. We decided to sit in the very back. I started to look around the bus, and I saw a little African American girl. I remember so clearly what she looked like. She had two ponytails that twisted on each side. The ponytails were held by rubber bands with the balls on the ends of them. She had a purple turtleneck and blue jeans on.

When I was looking around the bus she caught my eye. She looked at me and I her. We both smiled at each other. The little girl looked really tired. She was sitting alone.

I turned to my husband and said, "The little girl over there is so sweet. She just smiled at me." He looked over to her to see her at that point laying down across the seat.

My son started talking to my husband and I. After we got done talking, I looked back at the little girl and she was gone. The bus never stopped once during that time.

I looked all over the bus for her. There were only two other families on the bus besides us. I told my husband that the little girl vanished. He said, "Oh Hun, she might have went up front." I told him, "No, Hun, she wasn't with the other families!"

Our bus stop was the first stop on the ride back. When the lights came on in the bus, she was nowhere to be seen.

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