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Home Encounters The Lady in the Dress Told Me to Hurry Up

Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Amanda Groetzinger
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date of Encounter: October 15, 1992

My house was always kind of creepy to me growing up. As you walked into the house through the front door, you came into the living room, and through the living room you walked into the dining room where the stairs were to go upstairs. Through the dining room you entered the kitchen where you could go out the back door or to the left into a laundry room/half bath entrance to the basement. Upstairs, my brother’s bedroom was at the head of the stairs and mine was to the left. You had to go through my bedroom to get to my parents’ bedroom, and the bathroom.

We would frequently be sitting in the living room with our black lab dog lying in the doorway to the dining room. We would hear the stairs creak like they always did when someone walked up or down the stairs, and the dog would look into the dining room and growl until the sounds stopped. My mother would see the shadow of a lady dressed in a dress with a high collar (late 19th Century or early 20th) clothing. My brother would see a small boy as well. I was getting dressed one night and distinctly heard a female voice say my name, then tell me to hurry up. I thought it was my mom yelling at me through the heating vent (she was downstairs and I was in my room, and the house had old-fashioned vents you could hear the first floor through). I finished getting ready for bed, then went downstairs to tell her I was ready. I asked why she wanted me to hurry up. She looked at me like I was crazy and said she hadn’t told me to hurry up. I was convinced she had, and told her I heard her tell me to hurry up. She told me she hadn’t said a word through the vent, so I dropped it. Many, many other things happened through out my years there, but that is the one I remember most vividly.

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