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Witness: Rhonda Ledkins
Location: Alabama
Date of Encounter: March 11 2008

I had just met my fiancée about two weeks before the incident. He lives with his aunt and I went to stay over at his aunt's house with him. After a few days of being there, my fiancée had to get up early in the morning to go somewhere. Well I'm laying in bed and I'm looking around the dark room and in the right corner across the room there was a face just looking at me. I got an unwelcome feeling so I got up and left the room. Come to find out, my fiancée's aunt had a son who killed himself in that house.

I told my fiancée's aunt about seeing the ghost. She pulled out a picture of her son and just looking at him I recognized the face. My fiancée's aunt and uncle where having martial problems due to the uncle talking to other women. Turns out the ghost always showed up when they were having problems and I started to get an unwelcome feeling. The ghost thought since a female was the reason for the fighting that it was me. Well, I finally told the ghost I meant no harm. It was peaceful for a week and a half — until the night of March 11th 2008. Two days before the 9-year anniversary of his death. Lying in bed, I couldn't sleep because I could feel him in the room. I told my fiancée that I couldn't sleep so we went into the living room, and while I was sitting on the couch I could just feel his presence. I just stared down the hallway and my fiancée kept asking, "What's wrong, baby?" I was like, "He's in the hallway. He's in that hallway." My fiancée got a tape recorder and tried to ask him questions in that hallway.. While he was, suddenly a very sad feeling came over me. I just closed my eyes due to the feeling I was getting. I could feel the sadness and I started getting images of the gun he used to kill himself and the room where it happened. He was regretful that it happened and the sadness made me cry. After he showed me these things it was like he was gone. The house was peaceful… The sadness I felt was unbelievable. I told my fiancée and his aunt. This is not my first experience with ghosts.

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