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Witness: Lola
Location: Escanaba, Michigan
Date of Encounter: March, 2011

I used to live in a haunted house in Michigan. It was built in 1892 and we believe that the deceased were laid out in one particular room. This location is where I spoke to a girl ghost who was supposedly murdered in the house by her parents.

I felt that the house was haunted by many spirits. There was one spirit that made me feel comfortable. I know that the initials, or at least the first two letters of the name, were T.I. There was a grumpy old man, as well, who would talk once in a while. I believe that we also had a demon.

I finally attempted to record some EVP. It took several times before I got any evidence.

One time, I heard weird noises with my ears that sounded like a young child making popping noises and such with their mouth. These sounds showed up on the recorder, too. I captured other EVP, such as a woman saying unidentified things in the background during one of my conversations. I also recorded footsteps and someone whispering, scary, at the beginning of the recording.

The weird thing is that the two tapes with the voices wouldn't play on the computer after we downloaded the files. Also, the voice recorder's battery died and all of the files were erased by morning.

We often captured EVP from a particular chair in our living room where I would sometimes smell perfume.

There were many spirits and such that roamed the house and that still do. We also believed that these spirits killed three cats, a dog, and broke my family apart. That story is for another time.

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